• Favorite Colors: High Contrast
  • Favorite Fabrics: Hard finish fabrics with body
  • Hair & Makeup Style: Severe hair style; obvious makeup
  • Clothing Preference: Stark and angular
  • Type: Striking & Sophisticated
  • Personality: Flamboyant & independent
  • Perfect day outfit: Current fashion
  • Preferred evening dress: Fashion forward outfit
  • Gets most pleasure & Satisfaction from: Performing or speaking in front of a group of people
  • Known for: "Name" or a "star" in your field
  • Style similar: Lucy Liu
Personal Palettes
Closet Inventory & Organization
   Wardrobe Planning,
   Personal Shopping
   Hair & Makeup Consultation

Interior Design Services
   (for office and home)

special services for:

Corporate Men & Women

Meet Susan Clené Carson

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